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The question is, for exactly what would you need to hire our company? You could say that we serve both residential and commercial clients. That’s true, but you might also want to know what services we can help you with if you call us. Here is the full list of services that you and other customers of Garage Door Wizards of Tomball can expect from us.

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Our Services

Residential Garage Doors

Garage Door Wizards of TomballTo draw attention to your garage, consider installing one of the residential garage doors that we offer in Tomball, TX.

Why wouldn’t you want your house, or at the very least a part of it, to be the center of attention? We are positive that this is what you want, so why don’t you have a look at the wonderful residential garage doors that we have available? We have a good feeling about the fact that our services at Garage Door Wizards of Tomball have something that will appeal to you and that is a perfect match for your specific likes and preferences. 

Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Wizards of TomballGarage Door Wizards of Tomball is able to assist you in the case that your garage door is not functioning as it should be.

Garage door repair is one of our most critical services. Because it’s about ensuring your garage door works well every day. You can go about your day when your garage door works and worry less about it. If it breaks, you’ll surely require a garage door business.

You can count on us to fix your garage door in or around Tomball, TX. With Garage Door Wizards of Tomball, our team can get your broken door back up and running in no time. If you need assistance with your garage door opener, we can do that, too. We’ll give it our full attention in order to diagnose the problem and outline the steps necessary to rectify it. Garage Door Wizards of Tomball Team has the tools and know-how to fix any part of your door.

Call us right now to make an appointment for garage door repair in Tomball, TX. As a benefit, we can do routine maintenance on your garage door to protect you from having to pay for expensive repairs.

Garage Door Maintenance

All you really need is a garage door that’s been maintained properly. In point of fact, that’s exactly what a lot of people who own homes and businesses want when it comes to the garage doors on their properties.

The most important step is to search for and make use of the area’s finest garage door services in Tomball, TX, which you should then entrust with the care of your garage door. If you are living in Tomball, TX, then it just so happens that the garage door service expert is none other than us at Garage Door Wizards of Tomball. We have the capacity as well as the experience to be of assistance to you. And perhaps most importantly, we have both the motivation and the willingness to ensure that your garage door is in the finest possible form at all times.

You can also regularly check your garage door to detect problems at an early stage. Check the garage door’s parts. Tighten loose nuts and bolts. Lubricate springs, rollers, and hinges as preventive maintenance. Garage Door Wizards of Tomball is always there for you to help with your garage door maintenance.

Broken Springs

Broken garage door springs will prevent the door from functioning as it should. If the garage door system is damaged in any way, it will render these components nearly unusable. They are so important to the function of the door. At this point, your best course of action is to get in touch with the finest garage door services in Tomball, TX that you can find. You are going to require their assistance in order to repair or replace the broken springs in your mattress.

If you live in Tomball, TX, it shouldn’t be too hard to find that garage door service. That’s because Garage Door Wizards of Tomball is right here for you, and we can start giving you the exact kind of service you really need. In this case, the garage door springs are broken, and this can be seen as an urgent need.

We offer excellent solutions in the industry. But if you hire us to do a job for you, it won’t break the bank. This is because our prices are fair and competitive. We promised to provide good service and be cost-effective.

Emergency Service

In order to handle urgent situations, you will require the assistance of a contractor that employs specialists who are not just qualified but also experienced in their field.

In most cases, there is no notification given prior to the occurrence of an emergency. You won’t be informed about an oncoming home and family problem. When your garage door breaks, that’s the situation. Midnight noises can wake you up. Or maybe you’re in a rush and your garage door won’t open.

You’ll need a contractor with certified and experienced garage door specialists for emergencies. You can’t hire an inexperienced company. They may be skilled, but lack information. This is a direct result of having to deal with a wide variety of problems with a variety of garage doors.

With the assistance of Garage Door Wizards of Tomball, your garage door will be repaired, maintained, and handled with care.

Garage Door Installations

Putting in a garage door is not an easy or simple operation. First of all, it’s one of the most prominent garage door services in Tomball, TX.

A new garage door is too hefty for one person to lift by themselves. The task must be completed by a group of knowledgeable professionals. The process is not only difficult due to its weight, but also because it requires unique equipment. You probably won’t find any of this specialist equipment in a homeowner’s toolbox. Instead, you should look for an established garage door repair company to handle the job.

Here at Garage Door Wizards, we’re available to assist you anytime and anywhere in the Tomball area. Garage door installation in Tomball, Texas is a service we are happy to provide. Once you’ve hired us, the process will be entirely out of your hands. You may have a preferred garage door brand in mind when it’s time to replace your old one. That’s also something we can assist you with, so you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Commercial Garage Doors

Garage Door Wizards of TomballGarage doors for businesses are just as important as those for homes. They are just as popular, and sometimes even more so. Because of this, Garage Door Wizards of Tomball offers quality commercial garage door services to businesses in Tomball, TX. We know what good garage doors mean and can do for a business, so we give them a lot of choices.

We can help businesses because we have a team of people who know everything there is to know about commercial garage doors. Our garage doors provide a lot of safety and  protection for both your business and your things. They are more than just pretty decorations for places of business. And in much the same way that they keep homes safe.

At Garage Door Wizards of Tomball, everything else is secondary since we put clients first. We desire their happiness and fulfillment. We give the best garage door services in Tomball, TX, and nearby locations. Call us immediately for garage doors and openers.

Kys Dowling
Kys Dowling
Great job... Thanks for your help. Fast & reasonably priced!
Kimberly Samples
Kimberly Samples
Bailey did an awesome job with our garage opener installation.
Micheal Stanley
Micheal Stanley
The service was fast and very personal. They troubleshot our phone and helped us to figure it out and then they sent someone out the next day to fix it. Great communication and fair price. Thank you!
John Dalton
John Dalton
Despite a problem with our phone, they troubleshot it and helped us figure it out. They sent someone to fix it the very next day. Excellent communication and fair price. Thanks!
Charlis Tony
Charlis Tony
They troubleshot every aspect of the phone and helped us figure it out. Then they sent someone to repair it the very next day. Great communication and fair price. Thank you!
John Luis
John Luis
I was having problem with my garage door and they were able to come over quickly with the proper equipment to fix the garage door.
Kyler Hayes
Kyler Hayes
We were very happy with the personal and quick service we received. They trouble shooted ever the phone and helped us figure it out. Then they send someone to repair it the very next day. Great communication and fair price. Thanks!

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From our list of services, you can see that Garage Door Wizards of Tomball got you covered. Our skilled technicians can fix any kind of problem or issue with a garage door. You can also rely on us to be honest and have good morals. We’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong with your garage door and how we’ll fix it.



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